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Integrations and innovation

Nikè, the CRM that talks to your world

Nikè is able to communicate and exchange data with any company management software (SAP, AS400, Team System, Zucchetti, Microsoft Dynamics/Navision, Oracle, etc) and even with lesser known proprietary and local systems and solutions.

Thanks to specific connectors developed for the main e-commerce platforms available today, with Nikè it is also possible to integrate online orders by centralizing all your sales.

Developed on native platforms for IOS and Android and Web can be used with any modern browser.

  • sap
  • oracle
  • zucchetti
  • ibm
  • microsoft dynamics 365
  • apple
  • windows
  • android
  • magento
  • prestashop
  • woocommerce

Look to the future with Nikè innovation

Scopri le funzionalità della prossima release: Nikè Smart Voice, Nikè Meeting con funzionalità Jitsi e l’Integrazione con le applicazioni di Google Workspace.

  • google workspace
  • google maps
  • jitsi

Integration with Google Workspace

It is not simply a mail system and collaboration suite.

Through APIs integrated in the Nikè CRM platform, it is possible:

  • Improve decision making
  • Improve the user experience
  • Simplify operations
  • Optimize the exchange of information
  • Increase productivity

Integration with Google Calendar

Through the integration with Google Calendar, from Nikè CRM every activity can be displayed in the agenda section of Nikè CRM and synchronized with your Google Calendar.

Integration with Google Gmail

Thanks to the integration with Gmail, from Nikè CRM it will be possible to send every email through gmail platform and make sure that every email arrived on a gmail account can be attached to activities.

Integration with Google Maps

Thanks to the integration with Google Maps, from Nikè CRM on dynamic maps it will be possible to visualize and use specific markers differentiated by interlocutor type and status:

  • Stakeholders at all levels.
  • Prospects, customers, suppliers, partners, competitors.
  • Activities.

Integration with Google Route

Thanks to the integration with Google Routes, from Nikè CRM it will be possible to optimize time. After having indicated the available time, you will be able to view a list of activities to be performed starting from your position.

Integration with Google Places

Thanks to the integration with Google Places, from Nikè CRM it will be possible to perform:

  • GEO Coding: from addresses to geolocation
  • GEO Location (*): from geolocation to addresses

Nikè Smart Voice

This is a Nikè module that allows you to: access features, search and enter notes and/or comments using your own voice.

Niké Meeting

It is a module that allows you to: hold videoconferences, use chat and share desktops and files by integrating Jitsi functionality, even on dedicated servers.

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