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What is Nikè?

The perfect balance between innovation and efficiency
for the automation of your sales network

Nikè is an innovative multi-platform software system capable of managing commercial activity and increasing the productivity of company business, improving communication and the supplier/customer relationship.

Safe, solid and efficient, it contains a galaxy of apps designed and produced by Giusti to successfully implement the strategy technically known as “Sales Force Automation”.

A single operational interface, a single reference database, two elements that characterize a modern software system dedicated to the management and automation of the commercial area, simplify the use of multi-platform Apps, focus the data in a single container easier to control and maintain.

Better manage every aspect of the company’s business

Nikè, with its galaxy of functionalities, manages every aspect of the company’s business in the best possible way, striving to save time and resources. Some examples? With Nikè it is possible:

  • Receive and send, in an orderly and classified manner: documents, images, files, videos…
  • Capture and manage orders with layouts that are innovative and fast, or at least suitable for the hardware used.
  • Receive and create catalogs in dynamic and static form.
  • Feel safe being able to rely on a very efficient management backoffice to manage internal and peripheral business.
  • Pianificare l’agenda, gli impegni di lavoro, i giri visita e ottenere report di valutazione.
  • Schedule diary, work commitments, rounds and get evaluation reports.
  • Select the business elements, namely: customers, prospects, leads, and obtain a reasoned mapping of these on the territory, thanks to geolocation.
  • Have specific functionalities to manage: product assortments, product variants, debt collection, contracts, year-end bonuses…And much more.
  • Control and workflow of authorization of orders and quotations.
  • Management of the information necessary to detect prices and positioning of products at the point of sale with the possibility of managing criticalities.
  • Study and create, automatically and / or manually, special conditions and promotions tailored to each customer or classification.
  • Compile a report against collection on open accounting items.
  • Monitor objectives and/or results through easy-to-read statistical reports and oversee all activities that have been or will be carried out, categorized through the logic of the “timeline”.

All set:
Nikè operating philosophy

With the App Nikè everything becomes easier. The philosophy behind Nikè is that of “all set up”, which aims to make the user feel at ease when using the APP, allowing him or her to carry out even the least favourite activities with simplicity in order to make work more efficient and effective.

Each Nikè screen, in fact, has been designed to obtain an operational theatre capable of being the spokesperson for all the functions and information necessary to carry out the activity for which they are intended.

Nikè contributes concretely to:

  • Optimize the online interaction spaces available
  • Facilitate the work of the user
  • All information or functionality always at your fingertips

Stakeholders and advanced stakeholder management

Nikè makes it possible to manage stakeholders in the best possible way, keeping the management of a company constantly updated about the interests at stake, the subjects involved, the way in which these subjects influence the result and the way in which they should be managed.

In particular, Nikè offers the possibility of configuring the types of subjects involved, dividing them into categories such as: “Clients”, “Suppliers”, “Competitors”, “Investors”, but also “Lawyers”, “Law Firms”, “Trade Fairs”, “Consortia”, “Networks”… and various other figures related to each specific field of action.

For each stakeholder it is also possible to manage the “Master Information”, the “Commercial/Administrative Information”, the “Addresses”, the “Contacts”, the “Classifications” and the “Custom Fields”. For a truly 360° vision.



12 reasons to choose Nikè

Discover the universe of advantages and unique features that make Nikè the perfect platform for your business management.

  • Robust, secure and reliable project core
  • A galazy of specialized apps
  • Easily customizable and integrable
  • Full operational efficiency
  • Extensive and structured management BackOffice
  • Online and offline modes of use
  • Multiplatform (iOS, Android, Web)
  • Sales-oriented
  • Sales force friendly
  • Marketing-oriented
  • Innovative
  • Multilingual

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