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Nikè Back Office

A reliable and powerful Back Office management with a single reference database

Unique in its kind, the BackOffice is the center of aggregation and data management of all the Apps of the Nikè galaxy. Nikè BackOffice works, in fact, out of the spotlight, making itself useful to all the Apps of the Nikè system, substituting itself where necessary, in part or in full, for the company management system. Solid and reliable, Nikè BackOffice is security and autonomy.

Dedicated to the company’s internal sales team, it easily adapts to the management of data exchanged between the company’s headquarters and the commercial periphery, becoming an ideal tool for administering and updating profiles, tables, documents, conditions, price lists, and promotions… It is also very useful for supervising data exchange.

The tailor-made tool for the corporate team

Nikè BackOffice is structured to intervene and supervise the management of Nikè’s central database, to which all Nikè Apps refer. It’s a versatile tool to manage, where necessary, all the tables indispensable to the functioning of the Nikè Apps, replacing in whole or in part the company management system.

An example?
Let’s assume that the management system in the company is considered inflexible to define structured and complex commercial policies. In this case, the company may use Nikè BackOffice for the definition and management of promo conditions, which will be applied during the acquisition phase of the order lines.

How does Nikè dialogue with the company management system to exchange data?

Giusti‘s experience in the field allows us to safely and efficiently exchange data with any management software, from the most celebrated SAP, AS400, TeamSystem, Zucchetti, Microsoft Dynamics, Navision, Oracle…to less popular proprietary systems.

Most ERPs already provide for importing and exporting data in CSV o XLS, a format now known to most users. Nikè urther facilitates data exchange by proposing a guided mode through the use of ready-to-use Excel templates.

APIs (Application Programming Interface) represent an internationally recognized and documented method of data exchange. Nikè makes available its own collection of information with public documentation, which allows any technician to make the two systems communicate.

By corporate ERP we mean a range of equally efficient data exchange modes, from stainless ASCII files to databases with border tables. These are the two most common modes, but, if necessary, Nikè can also directly access in read/write mode the database of the company management system.


12 reasons to choose Nikè

Discover the universe of advantages and unique features that make Nikè the perfect platform for your business management.

  • Robust, secure and reliable project core
  • A galazy of specialized apps
  • Easily customizable and integrable
  • Full operational efficiency
  • Extensive and structured management BackOffice
  • Online and offline modes of use
  • Multiplatform (iOS, Android, Web)
  • Sales-oriented
  • Sales force friendly
  • Marketing-oriented
  • Innovative
  • Multilingual

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