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Nikè CRM

A customizable and modular connector for the optimization of Customer Relationship Management

Nikè CRM is the core of our project, on which all the Apps of the Nikè galaxy are based. Conceived as the basis of an evolved Customer Relationship Management system, it combines the standardization of its basic functions with a strong ability to be customizable and modular through specialized Nikè Apps.

An important feature that makes it suitable also for use in very specific business areas. In particular, the ability of NikèCRM to manage and correlate all the activities carried out and to be carried out on the elements of the company’s business, i.e.: customers, prospects, leads, sites, scarl… stands out.

Thanks to the Timeline feature we obtain good efficiency in correlating actions and activities carried out over time, putting their usability at a maximum. NikèCRM has a very broad horizon of information to manage and the timeline connects activities and actions linked by a common thread, taking into account what has already happened and what is expected to happen.

Integration with the company’s mail system synchronizes the defined events.
The NikèCRM agenda can be shared by the peripheral user with their area manager and the headquarter users.


12 reasons to choose Nikè

Discover the universe of advantages and unique features that make Nikè the perfect platform for your business management.

  • Robust, secure and reliable project core
  • A galazy of specialized apps
  • Easily customizable and integrable
  • Full operational efficiency
  • Extensive and structured management BackOffice
  • Online and offline modes of use
  • Multiplatform (iOS, Android, Web)
  • Sales-oriented
  • Sales force friendly
  • Marketing-oriented
  • Innovative
  • Multilingual

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