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General functions

A galaxy of Apps and specialized functions for sales force automation.

Browsing through the many Apps in the Nikè galaxy, it is clear that the functionalities are the real point of reference for the programming implemented by Giusti to allow its clients to successfully implement a truly effective “Sales Force Automation” policy.
Some examples?

  • Grant complimentary items and merchandise;
  • Capture point-of-sale images;
  • Attach documents, images, movies to each client and product…
  • Monitor in a single screen the history of the customer with the outcome of visits, notes, list of gifts issued;
  • Availability for each agent of a configurable budget by quantity or value, for each customer, item or their classification, on a monthly and/or annual basis;
  • Choice of the most convenient way to acquire the order lines, also by article variant and/or from digital catalogue;
  • Automatic and/or manual application of commercial conditions and promos, always up-to-date purchase history, control monitor of applied promos, digital signature, immediate sending of the order by email to the customer;
  • Data of interest always available, shareable with the work team to create a data driven corporate culture.

Functionality details

  • Business intelligence

    By making data of interest available at all times, this functionality allows you to let your customers know about you, improve control over various processes, share information within your organization and, as a result, increase productivity.

  • Document archive

    A digital container, one for each customer and item, where the company stores the documents that it considers important to share with the sales network, technical data sheets, brochures, safety data sheets, contracts, invoices, bank statements, reminder letters. An infinite availability of documents: no more paper, no more weight.

  • Digital catalogues

    Two different specifications, two digital catalogues perfectly integrated with order-entry. They fully meet the need for greater sales effectiveness. An engaging multimedia set, which combines the power of images with the contextual input of the order.

  • Evaluation report

    With Nikè the agent has a simple and efficient tool that helps him to plan, organize and manage his work commitments.

  • Geolocation

    Using the many selection keys, present for business users, we obtain specific lists to be projected on the territory with Google maps. The representation of the placeholders on the map, with reference to color and shape, can depict the meaning and quality of each single data. Nikè's service of placeholder customization is at your disposal.

  • Promo and/or contract assortments

    Assortments are a way to focus sales on specific items. The Nikè apps include two types of assortments that are left free to the company in their composition: contractual and promotional.

  • Debt collection

    Nikè is set up to receive the accounting items, overdue and not yet due, related to each customer. The agent, in addition to being able to consult them, can record the collection of the items that the customer intends to settle. The compilation of the collection slip allows, in the case, to photograph the cheque issued by the customer; this will be attached to the collection slip and both will be sent to the company.

  • Workflow authorization orders and quotes

    When the order or the quotation presents commercial forcings, freedoms controlled and granted by the company to the sales network, such as: the variation of a discount, of a payment condition... Nikè puts up a flag and puts it in a blocking status. From that moment on, the user will enter the "unlocking" process, which may include several levels of competence: office user, area manager, management.

  • Price survey and criticality management

    With Nikè it is possible to detect at the points of sale the respect of the supply and promo agreements granted. Prices, the correct presence of products on the shelves are the basic elements of the survey. To each assortment of products to be monitored, a list of competitors' products can be linked. Each survey can be accompanied by photos and various annotations, which complete, if necessary, the signalling of a criticality on the elements of the agreement with the point of sale, a criticality that can be followed up and resolved with the Niké functions in the company.

  • Control of the application of promotions

    Marketing strategies often include promotions. The difficulty that is highlighted - and that Nikè apps solve - is not knowing which target, even in different promos, we have reached.

  • Calculation and management of year-end bonuses

    Application centered on the management of GDO and DO contracts and year-end awards related to them. Generates and manages contracts and contractual items to customers and suppliers. The value of what has already accrued for the customer is available at any time, based on the turnover achieved and the contractual conditions established. On the basis of the processed data, liquidation issues credit notes and the "association" function links an incoming document (invoice, NdC) to the resulting accrued amount. The pulverization divides the contributions calculated definitively at the month / customer / article level. The calculated data can be exported to the company management, integrating the cost analysis, or extracted into an Excel file.

  • Activity and management of point of sale promotions

    Nikè Promoter helps the company in this in-store promotional activity, setting up and managing initiatives and monitoring the work and results achieved by promoters.

  • Kit and display management

    Also in this case our Apps show all their versatility, being able to manage closed and open Kits, particularly useful for a good management of the exhibitors.

  • Customers, prospects, leads, new customers

    These are the categories into which Nikè divides business users and the links to move from the lowest level "lead" to the highest level "customer".

  • Barcode reader

    A tool used in many Nikè apps, it involves both the reader connected via bluetooth and the use of the camera now available on every mobile device.

  • Articles and variants

    Nikè apps provide many commercial features for items, among them the ability to dock them to variants.

  • Quote management

    Present on our CRM, it presents itself as an extremely flexible functionality with all the features that an "estimate" document must provide, and not the arrangement of an order capture.

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